Week 1

Legacy Transforming Summer Program

By Lawrence FunderburkeJune 17, 20232 Minutes

LFYO presented a five-hour workshop for at-risk males ranging in age from 16 to 23 to keep them off the streets and out of harm’s way. In partnership with First Church and the City of Refugee GoodLife Foundation, this eight-week program will help young men gain valuable skills to secure employment, build self confidence, and find (and fund) their life’s purpose. On June 15th, participants played the Money Ballin’ with the Pros and Buying a Dream Car customized, interactive PDF games. These real-world tools allow young men to dream big, make big money, and more importantly, avoid big problems now and down the road. We then transported them to the Toy Barn so that they can see, touch, smell, and plant the fruits of “proximity” success. And it’s hard to taste success without first experiencing it up close and personal. Owner Shawn Cunix, an Independence High School graduate, shared his keys to success via FaceTime with the young men. They were glued to his every word! Sales manager, Greg McDevitt, provided the group with an unforgettable tour and offered behind-the-scenes knowledge on how to start their career off on the right foot. These memories will last (and can be leveraged for) a lifetime. Lastly, it’s okay to have money, possessions, and wealth-generating assets as long as they don’t have you. Check out the day’s activities and stay tuned for next week’s recap on investing: