Make meaningful and measurable connections with people who don’t look, think, or act like you.


We provide you with the tools, templates, and track shoes for sustainable improvement.


You'll create internal change that produces external results in the lives and legacies of others.

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Introduction to Lane Change U

LCU is a fair and balanced approach to the polarizing issues facing our nation today.
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Additional Insights on Lane Change U

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The Five Content Areas of Focus

Get up to speed in the PROGRESS or get left behind in the PROCESS.

Course 1

Mental Health

Mental health is a growing problem in America, affecting young people and seasoned adults alike. Mental illnesses, mental issues, and mental islands are an equal-opportunity disruptor. Our Get Real on Mental Wellness Paradigm can help participants assess their mental fitness and state of mind through practical approaches.

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Course 2

Civil Discourse

Today, civil discourse is truly an oxymoron. Shouting matches on political, racial, or social justice matters have replaced civilized conversations. Our Step Up to Step Out Bridge-Building Initiative Platform can help participants improve or gain newfound skills in the area of sensible diplomacy. And it starts with decorum.

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Course 3

Leadership Ethics

The most difficult leadership skill that "stewards" must contend with on a daily basis is how they deal with their authentic selves. In their interactions with others. In their intentions for others. In their interpretations about others. Our Leadership School of Ethical Excellence Program will equip and empower vested beneficiaries to be more refined and reflective in their sphere of influence.

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Course 4

Cultural Capital Deficits

Race needs to be delicately addressed, but The Race needs to be deliberately run, and more importantly, won as a unified America. Racism, racists, and racial (as in profiling) must be full of grades but fuller in grace, with racing taking the center stage. Our Bridging the Cultural Divide Campaign takes a hard look at race without participants getting tripped up or disqualified by it.

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Course 5

Economic Disparities

Economic Disparities have become more problematic in America as social class gaps widen. We may understand the “why” behind them but are perplexed by the “how.” Our Schooled in Financial Life Skills Template provides participants with an innovative approach to learn and master economic concepts, principles, and strategies.

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Get Certified!

Become a Certified LCU Ambassador

Receive a certification when you successfully master and complete all five courses. Promote solidarity by becoming an agent of change.


Gain newfound skills as a bridge-building advocate of two-way change.


Enhance your diversity touch-points with people from different walks of life.


Be the lane change agents our society desperately needs to move forward.

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