Life and Legacy Principles

Momentum Power Play

How to Create It When You've Never Had It and Keep It Going Once You've Got It

Momentum Power Play intersects sports vernacular with powerful life applications, how to bounce back from a setback or shift gears and move forward when you've been dropped by a person of trust. As long as you have oxygen in your body, you have a shot in overcoming a difficult situation or traumatic experience. If you already have positive momentum, you'll gain insight on how to keep it going even when unexpected turbulence pops up or comes into the picture. Challenging moments happen. How we respond makes the different, different.

Available in Hard and Soft Cover.

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Financial Principles


How Social Classes Think, Act, and Behave Financially in the Twenty-First Century

In Sociopsychonomics, Lawrence chronicles how people across the socioeconomic spectrum approach the value and necessity of sound financial planning and wealth building based on the shared mindsets, habits, and life experiences that exemplify their representative social class.

Lawrence's research and interviews with financial planning experts shows how this Sociopsychonomic filtering process, shaped by a variety of factors––upbringing, financial acuity, life's purpose and navigational aptitude, and asset acquisition habits––paralyze the poor, overwhelms the middle class, and liberates the mega wealthy.

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Biblical Principles

The Stewardship Playbook

Biblical Guidelines and Practical Tools to Handle God's Possessions with Diligence and Care

Faithful stewardship involves more than just the management of God's possessions and resources. A whole lot more. The Lord also wants a return on His investment––everything that He has entrusted to us. He owns it all––our time, our talents, our children, our marriage, our career, our business, our paychecks and financial assets, our emotions, our taste buds, and our body, which houses His Holy Spirit. As blood-bought saints of Christ, what do we oversee that doesn't rightfully belong to Him?

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