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What is Huddle Up Coaching?

Huddle Up Coaching offers leaders the opportunity to excel in three spheres of influence: leadership sustenance (interpersonal skills), leadership prominence (technical skills), and leadership cognizance (visuospatial skills). What brings an individual to the table of leadership sustenance? The “secret sauce” in being able to connect with others on a biochemical level, from bonding (or the oxytocin juice) to boosting (or the endorphin jolt) as well as being proficient in the other five neurotransmitter components that make up The Significant Seven of Leadership DNA. These signature ingredients must be carefully seasoned to create those memorable touch-points that galvanize and mesmerize those under a leader’s care. Tacticians become technicians when they pave the way in the area of competence and confidence by providing others with the right utensils to eat from the table of leadership prominence. All great leaders understand this fundamental truth: success etiquette is knowing how to use a “fork” to pick up on the right cues and clues when a problem exists (or stubbornly persists), utilize a “knife” to cut out the background noise so that a sonar-directed goal can be heard and heeded by all, and “spoon” feed others who are in need of just the right nourishment for guidance and support. Lastly, leadership cognizance or outsight is the awareness factor that all great leaders must have to separate from the pack. Whether innate or developed, this faith-guided factor recognizes opportunities that other leaders miss, or more haphazardly, continue to dismiss. The result? Stagnant or lackluster growth personally, professionally, and philanthropically. Without an integrated envision, provision, and were needed, provision game plan, a leader will never be able to move beyond the status quo, stuck in neutral with no place to go.

Who can benefit from Huddle Up Coaching?

The answer is simple: People who want to grow out of their comfort zone and grow into their leadership greatness. The best of the best in any industry, the outliers of outliers in every arena, and the dierence makers among dierence-makers in noteworthy sectors of society invest in best practices to keep their advantage, well, a noticeable and enviable advantage. In fact, some of them even leverage multiple coaches to satisfy particular niches in the area of personal improvement, professional development, mental wellbeing and intellectual refinement, physical fitness and nutritional betterment, and spiritual enrichment. The good news? Our sta can assist clients in all of these categories through our one-stop-shop value proposition! (Where applicable, we can also facilitate win-win financial partnerships at no expense to Huddle Up Coaching clients.)
Coaching. Conditioning. Convincing. Eective leaders integrate all three, with convincing being the most critical to pull o because it’s the most dicult to keep on. Without convincing, coaching and conditioning mean nothing while leaving behind everything. Actually, no leader worth his or her weight in gold can lead through a presumptuous lens. At all times convincing must be earned, not assumed. Why? Because trust is a two-way street, and once the threshold of convincing takes place — voluntarily, that is — then coaching and conditioning can be fully embraced by those under a leader’s care. In short, benefits for Huddle Up Coaching clients include practical and tactical leadership strategies that always lead with the sale before an influencer ever sets sail.

How do I know Huddle Up Coaching is the right "fit" for me and/or my staff?

Fit is an interesting word in our English language and American lexicon. It usually denotes a singular focus of “fitting in.” With a team. With an organization. With a family. In other cultures however, fit can be synonymous with values, norms, customs, traditions, milestones, landmarks, and even symbols. That are often caught as opposed to being necessarily taught. If someone doesn’t know protocol or how to follow these established guideposts, then that individual will likely have a hard time not only fitting in, but more troubling, navigating that society’s landscape. And when you live outside the U.S. for an extended period of time, you quickly realize how nuanced — from a holistic viewpoint — other cultures are as it relates to their “fit” dynamic.

Huddle Up Coaching applies this same multifaceted focus on fit to provide clients with a holistic approach to leadership success. Entrepreneurs (as well as those with an entrepreneurial spirit), executives, managers and supervisors, administrators, parents, pastors, rabbis, coaches, trainers, and anyone with a desire to enhance his or her leadership pedigree can benefit from our “secret sauce” offerings. (Sessions are individually based unless otherwise noted and agreed upon.)

Lawrence Funderburke, aka Mr. Fundy, is a change agent specialist. He lives by the mandate of being comfortable with the uncomfortableness of change, a life-altering process and lifelong project that are not for the faint at heart. From abject poverty growing up in an environment of low expectations to success on the basketball court and in the classroom as a dean’s list student at Ohio State and beyond to securing life’s purpose while helping others fulfill their vast potential, Mr. Fundy practices what he preaches. He relates equally well with the four primary brain types, diverse personality archetypes, and notable leadership prototypes. A self-proclaimed anthropologist, he knows people because he has studied them for several decades — at home and abroad — as a keen observer of what makes individuals click (how to coach), stick (how to condition), and tick (how to convince). Leaders must be well versed in the three C’s to be classified as bonafide influencers.

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" Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders. "

— Tom Peters

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