Innovative Methodology

Creative Approaches to Connect with Diverse Audiences

Twenty-first century challenges require up-to-date solutions that are relatable and palatable to population groups across the racial, social, and educational strata.
Community-Based Engagement

School Districts, Non-Profit Organizations, and Governmental Agencies

Programming for staff, students, and stabilizers (parents and caregivers) can assist school districts in serving every “legacy member” of the educational experience. Cutting-edge offerings enhance the growth prospects of colleagues, clients, and community partners in the non-profit sector and governmental arena.

Legacy Investing: A Down Payment Today on Future Growth Dividends

For school districts, a wholesale investment in staff, students, and stabilizers (or caregivers) offers immeasurable benefits. The payoff is made today while being felt tomorrow in the form of holistic growth, a phenomenon of compound interest, the eighth wonder of the world. Non-profit organizations and government agencies are in the “care” business, but caring for their own growth-oriented needs provide compounded benefits for end receivers: the constituencies in which they serve.

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Mr. Fundy's Financial Life Skills Playbook

Introductory- and advanced-level programming to strengthen the value proposition and economic development of NextGen youth.

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Teen Population

Innovative Programs and Dynamic Learning Modules for Youth

Interactive and cutting-edge programming to assist NextGen youth in the areas of personal branding, mental and emotional wellness, interpersonal refinement, financial fitness, educational development, and professional forecasting (in-person and virtual options available).

Mr. Fundy's Financial Life Skills Playbook

Introductory- and advanced-level programming to strengthen the value proposition and economic development of NextGen youth.

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Real Talk on Mental Health and Civil Discourse for Teens

Practical tips and tactical tools to help young people in the areas of mental wellness, emotional wholeness, and interpersonal richness.

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Holistic Tools, Templates, and Tracks for Youth Empowerment

Developmental programming and workshops to equip teens with a well-rounded, twenty-first century skillset and leadership mindset.

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Life Skills Tune-Up for Summer Camp Youth

From personal branding to entrepreneurial pursuits to building wealth (tangible and intangible assets), teens will learn what it takes to lead in an interpersonal meeting space and succeed in a global marketplace.

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Mr. Fundy's Next Level Financial Skills for Tweens

Advanced programming to enhance the economic skills, entrepreneurial development, and wealth-building potential of NextGen youth.

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Mr. Fundy's Fiscal Fitness

Introductory-level programming to enhance the money management skills and core, economic competencies of NextGen youth.

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Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Human Capital Investment

An investment in human capital pays dividends when the growth prospects of employees are prioritized alongside (or ahead) of profitability initiatives, independent of economic conditions in the marketplace.

Personal, Professional, and Financial Development Workshops

Empowerment-based seminars, lunch-and-learn sessions, and extended programming for rank-and-file employees and upper management (general and customized options available).

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Huddle Up Coaching

The litmus test of leadership excellence: Go the nautical mile before asking colleagues to go the extra mile. Mr. Fundy’s out-of-the-box approach merges sports with his diverse life experiences to coach, condition, and convince participants to reach the pinnacle of influential greatness.

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Cultural Capital (aka DE&I)

"Can We Talk, Seriously?"

Real talk on bringing people together through common ground, common good, and common sense solutions.

Mr. Fundy's Bridge-Building Initiative

A series of candid conversations that lead to crafted collaborations are required to assist diverse audiences in learning the secrets of success to dialect immersion, or taking the time to understand the connective nuances of a group’s “native tongue” without engaging in blaming-shaming-and-framing tactics.

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Online Educational Platform

Coming Soon!

Lane Change U

Sensitive topics, critical issues, and controversial subjects are facilitated by Mr. Fundy to help participants grow into their change. Mental health, civil discourse, cultural capital (aka the upgraded version of DE&I), leadership ethics, and economic disparities are covered in an inviting and invigorating manner to unite our divided country. It’s time we shift gears and change lanes to complete our life race and legacy journey as a united America.

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In-person and customized options available to meet your organization's interest, needs, and expectations.

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