Lawrence Funderburke


Lawrence Funderburke, aka “Mr. Fundy,” is perhaps best known for his exploits on the basketball court. His impoverished upbringing and diverse life experiences provide a unique vantage point on race relations, cultural biases, educational disparities, empowerment protocols, and legacy initiatives. He is an expert on building bridges and finding common ground among minority and majority groups alike. Lawrence knows how to speak the language, lingo, and labeling of his audience as an astute brain coach and financial anthropologist. 

An eloquent and gifted communicator, Lawrence’s compelling and thoughtful insights on a variety of topics can resonate with any audience across the racial, social, or occupational spectrum. Lawrence’s purpose-driven nature to move our country, communities, companies, classrooms, and civilities forward is just what our nation needs given the fallout from the 2020 protests and polarizing presidential election. “Instead of piling on,” he notes, “I’m pulling off. Why make the problem worse?”

A devout Christian, prolific writer, and thought outlier, Lawrence has written several books, Sociopsychonomics, Momentum Power Play, and The Stewardship Playbook. He is a man of momentum, the passion inside of him oozes out of his pores. “As long as you have oxygen in your body,” he says, “you have a shot in overcoming a painfully difficult or traumatic situation —regardless of your skin color.” Based on statistics, he wasn’t suppose to make it out of the ghetto.

Lawrence and his wife Monya have two children. They operate Lane Change U, the Funderburke Institute of Financial Empowerment (F-I-F-E), and their non-profit arm, the Lawrence Funderburke Youth Organization (LFYO). To date, this tag-team duo has impacted more than 30,000 youth and adults in the area of life skills and holistic wellness. For more information on Lawrence’s outreach efforts, local and national initiatives, speaking opportunities, and value proposition, please click here to connect.

Empowered people empower other people.


To empower people to reach beyond their comfort zone to achieve heights they didn’t believe were initially attainable.


To leave behind a trail of biblically based principles that produce untold empowerment benefits for those willing to walk in them.