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Innovative and cutting-edge learning modules as well as lively stories and sensory-driven experiences keep participants engaged, entertained, and eager to absorb intellectually stimulating material.

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Creative approaches, innovative solutions, and dynamic presentations to bridge the cultural and digital information gap.

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Holistic blueprint to success using the 3 C's of efficacy –– connecting, collaborating, and coaching.


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We have over 30 different learning modules in the following categories that provide participants with a holistic blueprint for success using the three C's of efficacy –– connecting, collaborating, and coaching to produce evidence-based objectives and outcomes.

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A framework of the five key areas of financial planning: Life Planning, Financial and Debt Management, Wealth Building, Asset-Protection Strategies, and Estate Planning.

Building a winning personal brand takes time, but it can be destroyed in an instant. We help identify, fine-tune, and monitor personal brand statements by assessing qualities, traits, and skills.

Every influencer has a USP or unique selling proposition, and it starts from the inside. Programs include: Leadership Training, Public Speaking and Communication Skills, Social and Emotional Learning, Networking, and Character Development.

One of our primary objectives is to expose students to a wide range of career options that align with their genius(es), marketable skills, and cerebral profile. Programs offered: Resume-Writing Activities, Job Interviewing Tips, Career Forecasting, Business Start-Up Planning, Dressing for Success, and more.

In addition to career readiness (with or without a college or trade school degree), assisting students in the development of educational endurance is one of our core tenets. We help in the development and marketability of visuospatial skills –– mental models, navigable roadmaps, and contingency planning blueprints.

Vulnerable students need safeguards in the form of relatable, reliable, and reasonable role models to achieve success in life. LFYO’s signature Momentum Playbook is a key pillar of the engagement process and empowerment learning experience.

Dysfunctional environments and traumatic events can wreak havoc on a young mind. We help participants navigate the SEL landscape through the achievement of values-based goals, consequence assessment of low- and high- priority decisions, empathy assimilation, relationship development and network management, and modulating emotions.

In every learning module, we take a systematic approach to brain development, the cerebral cortex in particular. We help participants augment or build new neural networks by enhancing their decision-making, goal prioritization, and critical thinking sills; clarify their aerial and mental model skills; expand their navigating and spatial orientation skills; and improve their SEL and interpersonal skills.

Meet Mr. Fundy

Lawrence Funderburke (aka “Mr. Fundy”) is perhaps best known for his exploits on the basketball court. But his true passion and calling in life, helping people build legacy assets—personally, financially, educationally, and spiritually—is what drives him today.

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