What is a Lane Change U Team Captain?

In sports, team captains step up to the leadership plate when the occasion warrants. They’re not afraid of the bright lights when pressure is most intense. That moment doesn’t catch them off guard; in fact, they flourish in it. Whether playing at home or on the road, they provide the calm voice of assurance in the midst of a competitive storm, They are masterful motivators who keep others focused on the task at hand, even when victory is all but assured. Team captains have the uncanny ability of galvanizing their players to accomplish challenging goals — incrementally and exceptionally. Lane Change U team captains have the championing pedigree to help others shift gears and change lanes to break free from the status quo. As divisive rhetoric pulls our nation farther apart politically, racially, and socially, the expertise of team captains is just what we need to find common ground at the front end and fund common good at the back end. That time is now.


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