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“Eye-opening and thought-provoking, this book is a game changer.”

–Clark Kellogg, CBS Sports

Columbus, Ohio, December 6, 2017 – Former Ohio State basketball star Lawrence Funderburke has just released Sociopsychononmics™: How Social Classes Think, Act, and Behave Financially in the Twenty-First Century – his new book three years in the making with dozens of interviews with successful financial planning experts that lays the foundation for the financial makeover most Americans desperately need today.

In his quest to uncover the why behind behavior finance, Funderburke unlocks the Sociopsychonomic™ filter that has perplexed policymakers, educators, social workers, investment advisors, attorneys, insurance professionals, and other key stakeholders who assist representative social classes. Sociopsychonomics reflects who we are at our core based on the class factors that shaped our financial behavior, while providing practical tips and suggestions to upgrade our monetary filter.

“Money, or the lack thereof, is an intensely personal and emotional issue that affirms our mindsets, challenges our sensibilities, and drives our day-to-day actions,” said author Lawrence Funderburke. “This book neither demonizes nor diminishes the uniqueness of American social classes. In a time of deep division in our country, the insight into each class provided in this book can help us understand our financially driven differences, which will help us better understand each other and how we respond to economic situations and conditions.”

Funderburke, a certified financial planner, has a unique vantage point on each social class. He grew up on welfare in central Ohio’s most dangerous housing project and today considers himself a functioning member of the middle class. In fact, this former basketball star clips coupons, mows his own lawn, and was once labeled the cheapest guy in the NBA despite his seven-figure annual income. He successfully implements wealth-building principles in the day-to-day aspects of his life and seeks to share those principles with others – devoting his life’s work to helping the poor and middle class accumulate legacy assets.

Sociopsychonomics provides:

Concepts, metrics, and financial planning tools used to evaluate an individual’s or household’s economic viability
Primary sensory-learning drivers that appeal to each representative social class and how best to use them to effectuate personal, educational, and financial change
What a legacy nerve is, and why the generationally affluent are so bothered by it
Why the poor are so quick to chase after the winning lottery ticket they view as the pot of gold at the end of the financial rainbow
Why the traditional middle class often suffer from economic vertigo, a dizzying experience that prevents them from pursuing wealth-building strategies
The three E’s––education, experiences, and expectations––that provide generationally affluent children and grandchildren with a distinct advantage
How policymakers, educators, social workers, and employers can improve their engagement efforts with impoverished constituencies
How to break free from debilitating social class mindsets and personal hang-ups that perpetuate financial bondage

Ways those in generational poverty can rewrite their legacy code

Interviews and Website Info

To schedule an interview with Lawrence Funderburke, please email Lawrence at Visit to learn more about the book.

About Lawrence Funderburke, MBA and CFP

Lawrence Funderburke is perhaps best known for his exploits on the basketball court.  But his true passion and calling in life, helping people build legacy assets––personally, financially, and spiritually––is what drives him today. An accomplished author of three books and a highly sought after public speaker on a variety of topics, Funderburke’s inspirational story is a testament to his Christian faith and never-give-up mentality in the face of a difficult and dysfunctional upbringing. He and his wife Monya operate FunderMax Fitness and It’s All Good Cookies,™ two social enterprise businesses, as well as their nonprofit arm, the Lawrence Funderburke Youth Organization (LFYO). They have two children.

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